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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers Want To Know


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Jumptastic?

Families and event planners choose Jumptastic because:

  • We help you plan the delivery, setup, and take down time so that your event is a “go” before guests arrive and rented items are quickly packed away when the event is over.
  • We provide world-class customer service. A lot of companies say it, but our reviews prove it.
  • We offer event planning checklists upon request to help you throw the perfect party.
  • We’re more than a party rental company: we’re your guide to all things party rentals.
  • What type of parties and events do you provide inflatable Rides and Games for?

    We haven’t come across an event for which we couldn’t provide inflatables or other party rental items, but if you have doubts, click the chat button below to speak to a customer care rep or give us a call. We would be more than happy to hear from you.

    How far in advance should I place my reservation?

    That’s an excellent question. We know how it feels to wait, circle back to the site, and discover the item you want was booked by someone else.

    Book as soon as you know the details of your event. We offer a risk-free cancellation up to 24 hours before your event for a full refund of any money you’ve paid as a deposit. We know crap happens. Weather changes, kids get sick, and plans change. You’re in good hands with Jumptastic.

    What form of payment do you accept?

    Electronic payments or checks only.

    Do you offer multi-unit discounts?

    We do not.

    What type of ground surfaces can you set up on?

    It would be easier to say where we don’t set up. We do not set up inflatables on graveled surfaces, slopes, or uneven terrain. If you’re unsure about the location where you’re planning an event, give us a call, and we’ll help you sort out the details.

    Can you set up in a park or other public location?

    Yes, we can; however, you are responsible for obtaining proper permission and for equipment rented and placed in other public locations. If proof of insurance is required, factor in an additional 2-3 business days for processing requests. If you have additional questions, call our customer care reps, who will be happy to guide you in the rental process.

    Can you set up in an apartment complex?

    There are limitations when it comes to events held at an apartment complex. We can only set up an apartment complex if your event has been approved by the HOA or leasing office (we will ask for that proof), and the inflatable will be installed in the common area around the clubhouse or leasing office.

    How many people can play in an inflatable at one time?

    Each inflatable or ride has an exterior safety label fixed on display. The label details how many participants can play in the inflatable, and it outlines the weight limitations for the attraction you rented. Keep in mind that adult supervision is required at all times when children are using the attractions you’ve rented from us.

    Are your inflatables safe and clean?

    Absolutely! We’re a family-owned business, and we care about your family as much as we care about ours. All of our inflatables are cleaned and inspected after every rental, and they are routinely disinfected. We are committed to providing your kids with a clean, safe, and fun play environment.

    What if I need to cancel or reschedule my event?

    Cancellations made more than 24 hours from your delivery time result in a 100% refund.

    If we get less than 24 hours’ notice of your cancellation or need to reschedule, we will apply a 25% restocking fee to your order and refund you the balance.

    Can the inflatables be set up indoors?

    Yes, our units can be set up inside or outside! Although we have some shorter units, you will need to have enough ceiling height (about 18’-20’) to accommodate most inflatables. The inflatable must not be set up too near hot lights, fire prevention equipment, air conditioning vents, or any fire hazards. Many gymnasiums, halls, churches, malls, or locations with sufficient height will do just fine.

    Is it customary to tip the delivery team?

    Tipping is a personal choice and certainly not required. If you believe the level of service you received warrants a tip, by all means, go ahead and tip the staff. Our hard-working team members would certainly appreciate it.

    What should I do if the inflatable loses power or if I have another problem?

    1. Immediately remove children from the inflatable.

    2. Call your delivery driver or the office at 404-537-1805 to inform Jumptastic of any concerns regarding personnel or equipment. In case of an actual emergency, dial 911.
    Interrupted power is the primary source of inflatable failures, so check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If the circuit breaker has tripped, try to identify other electronics drawing power from the same circuit and plug them elsewhere. Once that is done, try resetting the breaker.

    How much electricity does an inflatable need?

    Your rentals are powered by a blower that uses a standard 110-volt, 20 AMP, three-prong electrical outlet. Each blower draws roughly 9 to 10 Amps (1,000 -1,100w), half the power a corded electric leaf blower uses.

    Your power source needs to be within 100 feet of the inflatable, and the blower must be plugged in at all times to keep the unit inflated.

    Concession equipment must not share power sources with the inflatable. They are powered by a standard 110-volt, 20 AMP, three-prong electrical, and each requires 7 to 11 Amps (900-1,300w) which is roughly the same power used by a coffee maker. Remember, our delivery team will set up inflatable and concession equipment for you, so you won’t have to be concerned with much of this information, but it’s always good to know.

    Jumptastic-supplied generators may only be used to power Jumptastic equipment. Generators are helpful to power rental units when there aren’t enough power sources on site. Check out our Accessories page for units and pricing.

    Have A Question Not Answered Here?

    We understand that you may have a question that may not be one of our most frequently asked. No problem. We are here for you and you can simply give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to answer your question. We have worked with a number of parents, event planners and other people planning events and look forward to helping you create memories for your guests.

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