Boom Blaster Game

Boom Blaster Game

    • Age Group: All Ages

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Boom Blaster combines the excitement of a balloon-popping contest with a safe, authentic-looking blasting detonator straight from the Saturday cartoons. Players frantically pump, inflating their balloons until they reach the balloon-bursting arcs. First to burst – BOOM! – is the winner. This rental includes 2 Boom Towers and 2 Detonators, along with 50 eleven-inch balloons.

Why Choose our Boom Blaster Game?

  • Uses nothing but your own strength- no power or water required
  • Balloons are brightly colored, making them easy to see and pick up after they pop
  • Quick to set up- just attach the hose to the nozzle like you would to a bike tire and it is ready to go!
  • 2 pumps and towers makes for great competitive play


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