Competitive Sports Games Package

Competitive Sports Games Package

    • Age Group: All Ages

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Our Competitive Sports Game package is packed with fun! Give your sports fans and young, energetic kids the ultimate competitive experience with 7 unique games. Whether you want to beat your friends and family in a classic sport like flag football, or try something new, the Competitive Sports Game package is right for you!


  • Bocce Ball -test your accuracy and knock your competitors away!
  • Ring Toss - either have fun with these rules, or create your own!
  • Spikeball - try a new sport with your friends and family
  • Flag Football - challenge your neighbors and friends to a classic game of backyard football!
  • Ultimate Frisbee - slice the disk through the air and bend it around your opponents!
  • Kickball - a great sport for events at school and student-teacher games!
  • Ladder Ball - plays just like cornhole with a twist!

Why Choose the Competitive Sports Package?

  • The large variety of sports options is sure to satisfy everyone at the event
  • Games come with their extra equipment, such as balls, projectiles, or structures
  • All games are very easy to set up, so you can spend as much time as possible playing!
  • Best for recommended age group, but can be used by all ages
  • Most of these games can be used indoors or outdoors

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